Saturday, August 20, 2005

Riff After Riff...

This past week we finally finished the guitars for the New SG album.
We got some great guitar tones going on this record and all the elements
are sounding beautiful.
Like always, we used every piece of guitar gear we could get our hands on to
create Deeno's Wall of Crunchy Madness!
I had a great time recording guitars with D. I feel that we have widened the
palette of guitar tones that SG has used in the past to include some very interesting
I think All true SG Faithful will dig it.

Next up, The Vocals.
We started with the vocals this past Thursday. We actually worked on the title track
and let me just say, the shit is blazin'!
Right now we're on schedule to finish tracking this thing by the end of the month.
Lets keep our fingers crossed.



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