Saturday, August 20, 2005

Riff After Riff...

This past week we finally finished the guitars for the New SG album.
We got some great guitar tones going on this record and all the elements
are sounding beautiful.
Like always, we used every piece of guitar gear we could get our hands on to
create Deeno's Wall of Crunchy Madness!
I had a great time recording guitars with D. I feel that we have widened the
palette of guitar tones that SG has used in the past to include some very interesting
I think All true SG Faithful will dig it.

Next up, The Vocals.
We started with the vocals this past Thursday. We actually worked on the title track
and let me just say, the shit is blazin'!
Right now we're on schedule to finish tracking this thing by the end of the month.
Lets keep our fingers crossed.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Big Bad Mamma...

The libs have finally rolled out their Poster Mom for a full court press to
end the War.
Cindy Sheehan is defiantly calling GWB out and wants to give him a piece of her
I think this would make for an exquisite reality show.
Where Cindy goes to the White House everyday and figures out how to sneak in
so that she can abuse GWB.
The twist is that GWB will be in on it but she'll have to get past the SS (not that SS. The Secret Service).
She'll have help trying to outwit and out fox the SS from former SS, CIA, Delta Force and Navy Seals.
The times that she does get in, she'll be rewarded by having access to GWB in a Conference Room,
Apprentice style, so that she can abuse him.
When she does not succeed, she will have to forfeit her Civil Rights for a day and GWB could put her through some
real degradiing tasks.

Now that sounds like Must See TV to me..... How bout you?


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Life @ 10mph...

check this trailer out
It's pretty interesting.


Daydreaming of Japanese Temples...

You might be a real geek if you find yourself watching an ASCII version of Star Wars Episode IV, whilst watching a Yankee game, talking to a friend on the phone and sipping on Stella.
This is exactly what I found myself doing this evening.

There was no music today, just random thoughts of Japanese Temples.
See, I have had a deep affinity for Japanese culture since I was a child.
Daydreaming of Japanese temples has to mean something, right?
It probably means that I have to get my large ass to the Land of The Rising Sun,
The Bushido, and Delicate Manners.

I'm Tokyo bound Bitches!!!


Monday, August 15, 2005

Stella Ohh Stella....!

Quite a smooth refreshing beverage is Stella.
I have spent most of this fine day imbibing this lovely bevvy and all is good.

There's a mean electrical storm happening here in the Bx and it's dark.

over..... (((d)))

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Guitar Solos and Dirty Ass Jokes!

The new Sg album has been coming along just fine lately. We have been recording some great sounding guitars at the lab.
As you can tell by the pic, it's all very exciting!
Donny has been playing his ass off and I think you'll really dig his guitar work on this album.
This record will feature some of the best guitar solos that D has ever performed.

Guitar solos are cool. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

I went to go see the Aristocrats last night.
It's a documentary about a classic joke told by a bunch of famous comedians.
It's a really funny movie. But I gotta warn you, the comedians get really graphic with this joke.
So bad that I saw about 5 people actually get up and walk out!

Great Laughs.



So I decided to start this Blog.
I intend on using the space to let you guys see things from my point of view.
So bookmark this blog and if you like it, come back. spread the word to your friends
while you're at it.