Thursday, August 25, 2005

Life As A Mix...

Been doing a lot of pondering lately. Those who know me personally, know me to be a cronic ponderer.
I think I may have hit on something recently that I'd like to share with you all.

I have recently found myself comparing life to an audio mix.
Specifically, using the the EQ as my main focus.
See, when putting together a good audio mix, you're often called upon to use EQ
to make certain elements in a sound recording sit cohesively in a Mix.
Often, one would have to use EQ to reduce certain frequencies that are sonicly hogging
up valuable fidelity space.
This is done by using EQ in a process of elimination.
If you're in your car and you put on your favorite SG album (or any album, and you
start to hear the bass frequencies crushing your speakers, you may elect to reduce the bass
on your stereo and cut some low frequency out of your mix.
I have come to realize that in life, we must often find the right balance by reducing or eliminating
certain things that do not work.

Here in America, we enjoy a gluttonous society. We have a lot of everything. As part of the American dream,
we strive to get our own "Piece of the Pie".
And we Americans love a big ass piece a pie, don't we!
Having the discipline and focus to reduce or eliminate, certain harmful but socially accepted things in our lives,
is very hard to achieve and maintain in this society.
Don't get me wrong, I love America. I'm a proud American and I'd stand up and fight for her if I had to, at a drop
of a hat.
But I think American society is suffering from too much treble shrieking in our ears and too much bass
throwing off the balance of our mix.

I realize I have to start right here with me, first.
Sometimes we need to reduce or eliminate certain things in our lives to live harmoniously.

I think I'll try giving my life a better mix.